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China Cheap price new design small size agricultural tractor seat for farm machine wholesaler

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Agricultural Parts

Agricultural parts are a large part of the farming process. They are used for a number of purposes, including harvesting and transportation of crops. The parts are made from a variety of different materials, including metal, plastic and rubber. These materials have various advantages, including being resistant to pesticides and herbicides. In addition, they are easy to clean, allowing them to last for years.

Mechanization of farming

Agricultural mechanization, the use of mechanical technology to perform agricultural processes, has been an important tool in the modernization of agriculture. It increases farm worker productivity by replacing manual labor with powered machinery. It also provides employment opportunities for young people. Agricultural mechanization also has important environmental effects. It improves land usage and enhances agricultural productivity.
In Tanzania, agricultural mechanization has been slow but steady in the past few decades. In fact, the speed of mechanization growth varies across regions. In some parts of the country, the share of cultivated land plowed by tractors has reached around 50 percent.
The main drivers of agricultural mechanization in Tanzania are agroecological conditions and socioeconomic developments. This demand for mechanization depends on the capacity of farmers to fully use the machines and their complementary technologies.
The demand for mechanization has grown in parts of the country where there is a high demand for more intensive farming. In these regions, population growth has influenced the evolution of the farming system. This has led to a gradual transition from deep tillage to more intensive land preparation methods.
Mechanization has also been a catalyst for improved crop yields. Improved crop yields can be sold in markets and create indirect benefits for women. Women are commonly involved in weeding, transportation and postharvest management of agricultural produce.
The demand for mechanization has also been influenced by the growing share of the urban population. The urban population is expected to grow to 50 percent of the total population by 2030. The majority of rural-to-urban migrants are educated young people who are more likely to think of farming as a business.
In some parts of Tanzania, agricultural mechanization has been promoted by the public sector. This was in part a result of the government’s implementation of the Economic Structural Adjustment Program (ESAP). Public sector promotion of agricultural mechanization included the development of mechanization services, increased tractor supply, and the promotion of public-private partnerships.

CZPT Brand (r)

Agricultural machinery parts from CZPT Brand are renowned for their excellent quality. These parts are compatible with many agricultural engines including John Deere, Perkins & Massey Ferguson (r), Case IH, Ford, Detroit Diesel, and Komatsu (r) engines. These replacement engine parts ensure excellent durability and performance. They are also designed to meet the high standards of the original equipment manufacturer.
CZPT brand replacement agricultural parts are manufactured by a global company that is dedicated to consistently supporting its customers. The products are also designed to meet the needs of different types of agriculture. Their products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and they are backed by a 12-month warranty. This makes them the preferred parts supplier. They also have an extensive network of dealers across the globe.
CZPT Brand is a global company that specializes in providing high-quality engine parts for various agricultural machinery. It also specializes in providing replacement parts for tractor engines. It offers replacement gearboxes for a variety of engine types including John Deere, Detroit Diesel, and Cummins (r) engines. The parts are also compatible with lawn mowers and rotary cutters.
Agricultural machinery parts from CZPT Brand are known for their durability and excellent quality. They also offer lighting for optimum visibility and rear and side lights for maximum visibility. This ensures that the agricultural machinery performs at its best. These parts are also known for their excellent service. They are backed by a dedicated service team that is available to help you with any issues.
CZPT Brand agricultural parts are a perfect solution for John Deere, Perkins & Masey Ferguson, Case IH, Ford, Detroit Diesel, Komatsu (r) and IVECO Tector (r) engines.

CZPT Manufacturing

Founded in 1977, CZPT Manufacturing produces agricultural parts and accessories, primarily for use with farm equipment. The company began with a single page flyer at a farm trade show. In less than 50 years, the company has grown into a thriving, nationwide producer of agricultural replacement parts.
Currently, the company stocks parts for numerous manufacturers and offers a variety of products. These include personal protective equipment, knives, gathering chains, and forage harvester replacement parts. The company also offers apparel, including long-sleeved and youth shirts. The company also offers a fast and convenient shipping process.
China Cheap price new design small size agricultural tractor seat for farm machine     wholesaler China Cheap price new design small size agricultural tractor seat for farm machine     wholesaler
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China China famous brand farm mini tractor good price for sells in China with Good quality

Rated Electricity (HP): 50HP
Sort: Wheel Tractor
Issue: New
By wheel: 4wd
Use: Farm Tractor
Travel Type: Equipment Push
Certificate: CE ISO
Warranty: 1 12 months
Essential Selling Details: Multifunctional
Marketing Kind: Sizzling Solution 2019
Equipment Take a look at Report: Offered
Online video outgoing-inspection: Offered
Guarantee of core components: 1 12 months
Main Components: Motor, Pump, Stress vessel, Gearbox, Engine, Equipment, PLC, Bearing
Motor Brand name: Quanchai
Relevant Industries: Resorts, Garment Retailers, Constructing Materials Outlets, Manufacturing Plant, Equipment Mend Retailers, Foods & Beverage Manufacturing facility, Farms, Cafe, House Use, Retail, Foods Store, Printing Shops, Development works , Strength & Mining, Meals & Beverage Stores, Advertising Firm
Showroom Place: Mexico, Thailand, South Korea
Item name: Agricultural Tractor
Motor: motor supported by CZPT ,Yuchai ,YTO and so forth well-known Brand name
Model: YFT504
Horse power: 50HP
Motor energy: 36.8kw
gasoline sort: diesel
Clutch: Dual-phase
steering: cycloid rotary valve , 5 bolts 4.twenty five 4.5 4.seventy five 5 5.5 PCD Loafer Trailer Hub Assembly with Trailer Axle Package for twenty five uesd for CH Sonic 2.0L HYBRID 2013-2014 LH steady structure could offer with all varieties of land-forms

AttachmentsOptional Components

Packaging & DeliveryPackaging & Shipping and delivery

Our CustomersOur Clients

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Agricultural Parts – The Best Metal for Agricultural Implements

Agricultural parts are used in almost every stage of cultivation and livestock management. The best metal for agricultural implements is steel. Agricultural equipment manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their products to better suit the needs of the farmer. In addition, they want to reduce the cost of repair. However, repairs on agricultural equipment are the responsibility of the farmer.

Steel is the best metal for agricultural implements

Choosing the right metal for agricultural implements can be tricky. There are different factors to consider, such as strength, elasticity, corrosion resistance, and ease of processing. All of these can seem to conflict with one another. However, steel has proven to be the best choice for agricultural equipment.
The metal is durable, affordable, and flexible. It can be customized to suit the characteristics of the agricultural equipment. It is also available in many grades, shapes, and thicknesses.
In addition, steel is environmentally friendly. It is resistant to chemicals and pesticides. It also maintains its integrity across a wide range of outdoor temperatures. It is also rust-resistant.
In addition to its strength, boron steel is also heat-resistant. It is also abrasion-resistant. Boron steel is used in agricultural machinery, chemical equipment, and other industrial units.
It is also highly corrosion-resistant. Agricultural processes are often exposed to harsh chemicals, dirt, and heat. Its low maintenance is also a good reason for farmers to use it.
The boron steel used for agricultural equipments also has the added benefit of an ultra-hard compound. It is used in the working parts of soil tillage machines. It is also used in food processing equipment.
The boron technology is a very effective way to prevent abrasive wear. It also increases the strength of the working parts of the agricultural equipments.
Modern farming is a very industrialized business. This is evident by the fact that most farm implements are made of low-alloy steel.

Technology has greatly shaped agriculture throughout time

Throughout history, technology has shaped agriculture, in both good and bad ways. It has been the catalyst of modernization and globalization. It has made travel and communication easier, increased business and education, and facilitated the building of cities.
There are several technological achievements that have made farming easier and more profitable. For example, genetic engineering is the way to go for many crops. Genetic modification makes crops more resistant to pests and weather, and preserves soil. Other advances include soilless farming methods and improved drip irrigation.
The most obvious benefit of modern agricultural technologies is the ability to produce more food with less labour. Precision farming also allows farmers to better care for their livestock. Many barns nowadays are equipped with Wi-Fi and automated feed systems. In addition, farmers can adjust the temperature in their barns using their smartphones.
There is no doubt that agriculture has undergone a paradigm shift in the last 50 years. In particular, the agricultural machinery and powered machinery have streamlined the mundane and transformed the way farmers operate. This is especially true for large scale farming.
Agricultural technology has improved the most mundane of farming tasks, such as weeding and watering. However, it has also led to new innovations in agriculture, such as genetically modified crops. Genetically modified crops are also known to conserve water and reduce carbon emissions.
The most important thing to remember about the aforementioned technological feats is that they have a cost. While it may be expensive to upgrade a whole farm, investing in a few technological breakthroughs can help farmers to achieve their goals and minimize problems along the way.

COVID-19 has been the biggest catalyst to supply chain breakdowns for farm equipment manufacturers

Among the most damaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the supply chain breakdowns in the farm equipment industry. According to a survey conducted by the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers, 105 respondents weighed in on the effects of the pandemic on their business and industry.
The survey found that seven out of 10 executives have experienced a moderate impact on their supply chain. A quarter of respondents reported that the impact was extremely negative. AEM’s members are leading the industry’s response to the pandemic and are working with federal and state officials to mitigate its spread.
While the effects of the pandemic are still being felt worldwide, the U.S. economy is showing signs of recovery. However, there are still significant disruptions in the supply chain.
One reason why equipment manufacturers have been able to lead the country’s recovery is because of the efforts they’ve made to protect their employees. Most equipment requires hundreds of different components. Many manufacturers are stepping up to help keep employees safe by expediting raw materials and providing incentives to stay on the job.
However, even though the economy is improving, labor shortages are expected to persist. This is a problem that could amplify the imbalance among channels.
Some companies have been bringing back mothballed production lines to service and focusing on just-in-time delivery of raw materials and component parts. Some companies have also increased e-commerce sales and engaged new suppliers.

Intercropping prevents moisture loss and soil erosion

Agricultural practices such as intercropping are a key part of preventing moisture loss and soil erosion. It has been practiced for thousands of years, especially in temperate regions. However, the industrialization of agriculture in the 20th century led to the abandonment of intercropping in developed countries. The interest in organic farming has led First World farmers to return to intercropping.
In addition to reducing moisture loss and soil erosion, intercropping can also help to increase drought resistance. For example, intercropping maize with legumes can increase the soil moisture during peak rainfall. This improves soil hydrology and fertility, resulting in improved crop growth and yields.
The most effective crops to use for reducing soil erosion are legumes. Legumes have a dense root system and have a good canopy cover to protect the soil from the erosive effects of rainfall.
Soil erosion is a serious threat to agricultural sustainability. The amount of eroded soil directly deposited into reservoirs and beaches is approximately 29 percent of total soil erosion. In addition, more than half of eroded soil is transported by runoff. Agricultural practices that accelerate the erosion process must be reduced to avoid negative impacts on productivity.
In early experiments, researchers evaluated the effects of mixed cropping systems. They also investigated the interactions of different agricultural species. In a study on maize, Smith et al. found that legumes can meet protein needs in maize systems without increasing inputs.

Farmers use machines in almost every stage of cultivation and livestock management

Using machines in almost every stage of the agriculture cycle is no small feat. Most farmers still follow the old fashioned model of handpicking, shoveling, and baling. A modern day farmer could grow one thousand acres of corn. One may have a hard time keeping up with the herds on such a large scale. Some farmers have taken the lead in the modern era and are utilizing high tech solutions to their farming woes.
While many are still clinging to old school methods, modern day breeders and farmers have found the best way to produce high quality livestock is to modernize their facilities. Machines such as those pictured below are a boon to farmers and livestock alike. Machines such as these have also revolutionized the way farmers harvest crops. Machines such as these allow farmers to work the dirt with less abrasion and more precision. Many farmers are using machines to help with manure management, crop rotation, and weed control. Some have also tapped into the technology incorporated in these machines to enhance animal welfare. Some farmers are using technology such as these to make animal identification quicker and easier. Some farmers have even incorporated drones into their operations. Using drones in animal management has many benefits. Farmers are able to keep an eye on a small herd, reduce stress on a large herd, and improve the overall quality of the animals they produce.
China China famous brand farm mini tractor good price for sells in China     with Good qualityChina China famous brand farm mini tractor good price for sells in China     with Good quality
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China 2020 CE EPA China mini Hydraulic excavators small mini excavator 1ton 2 ton 3ton 6ton cheap price for agricultural excavator agricultural tractor parts

Functioning Bodyweight: 960kg
Relevant Industries: Constructing Substance Stores, Machinery Repair Stores, Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Home Use, Foodstuff Store, Construction performs
Showroom Spot: Canada, Turkey, United States, France, Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, None
Situation: New
Shifting Kind: Crawler Excavator
Bucket capability: .571m3
Greatest CZPT Height: 2685mm
Maximum CZPT Depth: 1440mm
Max CZPT Radius: 2930mm
Rated Pace: 5.5km/h
Guarantee: 1 Calendar year
Hydraulic Cylinder Brand name: Other
Hydraulic Pump Model: Other
Hydraulic Valve Model: Other
Engine Model: CHANGCHAI
Special Promoting Stage: competitive value
Power: 8.1kw
Equipment Check Report: Supplied
Online video outgoing-inspection: Offered
Advertising Kind: New Product 2571
Warranty of core parts: 1 Year
Core Factors: Motor, Motor, Gearbox
Following-product sales Support Presented: Overseas third-party assistance accessible, A-frames, dump cylinders, front and rear struts, and steering Radial spherical simple bearings GEH 45 ES-2RS Video complex help, On the internet help, Free of charge spare parts
motor: 192F-personalized
electricity: 8.2kw/3600rpm
swing velocity: 10 rpm
Hydraulic program: 16 mpa
bucket CZPT power: 10.7 KN
size: 2750*900*1330mm
Optional motor: B&S LCT KOOP
Displacement: 6.8ml/r
After Warranty Services: Movie specialized assist, On the internet assistance, Subject servicing and mend services
Local Service Location: United States, Italy, Pakistan, None
Certification: CE ISO
Packaging Information: container/ wood case1000kg hydraulic mini excavator with aggressive prices
Port: HangZhou ZheJiang ZheJiang

mini excavator chinese mini excavator for sale low-cost mini excavator1000kg hydraulic mini excavator with aggressive costsCE , ISO EPA , Euro fiveone) Simple composition and compact design and style ,effortless in set up and maintation.2) Adopting sophisticated globe popular brand name factors in pneumatic components ,electric powered components and procedure elements.3) Give entire consideration to lessen the doing work oil usage, to obtain maximum performance in all types of operate site procedure.4) Auger, get, hydraulic hammer, slender bucket can be installed on this excavator, productive and wide-assortment use.5) Small make investments, quick return.
can set up with EPA engine , Euro 5 engine.
We also have .8 ton , Automobile Transmission Auto Rear Entrance Cv Axle Shaft Drive Shaft for Honda Civic City Crv Cr-v Suit Odyssey Vezel Accord Crosstour 2571 1 ton,1.6 ton, 1.8 ton,2 ton , 2.2 ton and 3.5ton mini Excavator for you way too choose!

For detail , make sure you contact whats-app and : 13355472218
Detailed Photographs Strong Motor and HydraulicsThe 8.6 kW (12hp) KOOP motor and completely matched hydraulics(Eaton) provide efficient, cost-effective and reputable efficiency for the hardest of work. The matched cooling system is designed to accommodate functioning within confined regions and also the powerful hammer,auger and log seize. Minimal noise and vibration amounts provide comfy operation Your safety is our leading priority. Our HT10 mini excavator is developed to aid hold you safe on the work. Courtesy work lights and afluorescent retractable seat belt are just a few of the basic safety features we have built into the machine.Straightforward TO WorkControls are straightforward to use and run. The running recommendations in front of the console are basic and effortless to use Extending Undercarriage and BladeAn extending undercarriage and fold out dozer blade enable the device to be configured for excellent doing work balance and optimum functionality. Effortless retraction, controlled from the operator’s seat, enables the device to pass by means of slim openings. All accessories is offered right here Mini excavator is made for little performs,little projects,in yard,farmland,municipal operates,vegetablegreenhouse,digging trench.It is with tiny motor, Axial Miniature Plane Thrust Ball Bearing F4-10M F4-9M F7-17M F8-16M F8-19M F6-14M F7-13M Thrust Roller Bearing for Mechanical easy style, simple to keep.Use our Quick hitch(rapid release) can incorporate the attachment resources like: driller auger,hydraulic breaker hammer, trailer,20cm–100cm bucket, rake,gripper, wooden seize and so on.CZPT hydraulic systemOne multi-way valve, 8-way valve to make certain the machine’s hydraulic operate is secure and efficient,like the tiltingbucket/auger/breaker/thumb bucket and totator bucket.Beautiful appearances and hydraulic meter Compact Proportions Compact Dimensions With an general width of only 920mm (3 ft 12in) the HT10 can very easily generate through slender passages and doors.Equally indoor and outdoor positions are now available with the under 950 kg (2,two hundred lb) fat making straightforward trailer transportation among websites feasible. Also have Distant manage Lawn mower Packing & Shipping How to package and Delivery?If you want 1-3 models would be Wooden box, A lot more than 4 models will loading by containerAfter 5-7 days we will transport your merchandise when we acquired the progress payment!We can offer Excavator Machine CE EPA ISO Certification copy for you , if you occur visit our manufacturing unit , will display the authentic.Welcome !

Types of agricultural parts

Agricultural parts can be divided into different categories. These components include tractors, moldboard plows, whips and sickles. Some of the different types of agricultural ingredients are listed below. Each of these parts is important for different types of farming. It is important to know the purpose of each and what it does. If you are a farmer or plan to become a farmer, these parts are critical to your operation.


The first tractor appeared in the 1920s. Ford and International Harvester were among the first companies to produce farm tractors, but the industry has grown rapidly. By the 1920s, hundreds of companies were producing farm tractors. The agricultural depression of the 1930s forced many of these companies out of business. By the 1930s, only seven companies were major players in the tractor business. Ford produced the largest number of wheeled tractors in the United States between 1930 and 1955.
Some tractors are equipped with various accessories to enhance their performance. These specialized agricultural components are used for a variety of tasks. These include tillage, harvesting, planting and material handling. Tractors vary in horsepower, lift capacity, control and capabilities. Some models also have device mounting options. The downside of this is that if you need to use the tractor for other purposes, you will have to use additional attachments that can damage the tractor.
Modern tractors have a clutch pedal on the gear lever. This allows you to shift quickly without pedaling. Other tractors have a throttle speed button that improves hydraulic flow to the implement. However, the most important component of a tractor is the engine. Tractors must be driven safely because even minor accidents can cause serious damage to farm equipment. While there are many tractors that can operate without these parts, you can find the right tractor for your job.

Shared plows

One of the many uses of shared plows as part of agriculture is to increase the amount of soil in a field. This plow effectively removes compacted soil and lifts weed roots. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources, plowshares are best used in the fall, when weeds are less active and the soil is more fertile.
The basic plowshare can be adjusted by raising or lowering the plowshare to suit runners in the furrow. However, this design is not suitable for breaking up the heavier soils of northern Europe. In the 6th century, however, the advent of the wheel made it possible to use larger moldboards, which increased food production and population growth. Today, farmers in North America have access to a wide variety of moldboard plows.
Agricultural moldboard plows come in two basic styles, horse-drawn or tractor-style. Horse-drawn models have one bottom, while tractor-pulled moldboard plows have 1 to 14 hydraulically raised bottoms. Other variants include intermediate breakers and twin moldboard plows. Agricultural moldboard plows are often used in the Midwest and elsewhere.


Grass is used for mowing. The blade is double edged and bolted to the wooden handle. Steel blades are tempered and braced for strength and durability. The blade can be sharpened if necessary. The straw whip is 30 inches long, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the user’s height. Blades can be sharpened with sandpaper or a file.
The traditional straw whip 32 includes a rear panel and horizontal shelves. It also features a hollow handle with an adapter at the proximal end and a carrying handle at the distal end. The first cable goes to the power supply and goes through the case and handle. After pulling the cable taut, the straw will be firmly attached to the small holder 8.
The suction tube 32 is connected to an electrical connection 47 that powers the device. A battery pack is provided for use away from the tractor. It is a plastic or metal box and consists of two parts: a rechargeable battery 67 and a female electrical plug 68. The switch locks in the open position to prevent accidental use. The switch is also equipped with a safety lock button. These two components work together to operate the straw.


Although it is generally believed that the scythe was first developed in Roman times, its actual development may be earlier. Pliny mentioned two different types of sickles, Gallic and Roman. The Gallic sickle was the longer of the two and was made of mild steel, while the Roman sickle was made of harder, higher carbon steel.
In the past, people cut wheat by hand with a sickle. They replaced scythes and bagging hooks, which required users to bend over to harvest crops. Although they have largely been replaced by tractor machinery, scythes are still used today in parts of Asia and Europe. The sickle can also reach awkward corners, making it more useful in certain types of cuts.
The sickle belt stretches from Europe to the Middle East and the Midwest of the United States and Canada. It also spans most of Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. In the 19th century, Austrian sickle makers dominated the sickle industry. They produced millions of sickles, some dating back to the 1500s. Some of them were exported to India and the former Soviet Union.


Brushcutters are powerful agricultural tools used primarily for felling and trimming vegetation. These parts are often multifunctional, and some models are even capable of maintaining road edges and ditches. Some models can even trim branches from certain types of trees. Before you buy your own brush cutter, be sure to read the manual carefully and follow the safety rules. For your own safety and the safety of others, please wear a hard hat, eye and hearing protection, padded gloves, long pants, and boots, and keep young children away from work areas.
Brushcutters are usually attached to the tractor via a 3-point linkage system, with the exception of high reach models that are attached to the tractor via fixed stirrups. Additionally, brush cutters often have a balancing mass located opposite the tractor. These agricultural components are complicated to install, but once installed, they remain coupled to the tractor. A brush cutter is a critical piece of equipment on any tractor.
Most brushcutters use hydraulic engines. The power is transmitted mechanically through a PTO (power take-over) mechanism or a cardan shaft, which turns a hydraulic pump. This pump draws hydraulic oil from a special tank and then sends it through a series of distributors to move the arm and the working organ. As a result, the power of the brush cutter is transferred from the tractor to the working organ by a hydraulic engine.


Transplanters for agricultural parts are equipment used to plant seedlings into soil. These machines are used in greenhouses and open fields to increase productivity, yield, and the success of harvesting transplanted crops. Transplanters are typically made of steel and are designed to fit seedlings of all shapes and sizes. Buying a used transplanter is a good idea as long as the working parts are in good condition. When considering a used model, you should inspect it for cracks or corrosion and broken parts.
A mechanical transplanter works faster than hand transplanting, but it becomes slower as your quads and back start hurting. Water-wheel transplanters have become popular in recent years. By automatically delivering water into the holes where the transplants are set, water is delivered to the root system without the need for manual intervention. Moreover, water-wheel transplanters save time on watering. John Good, a farmer who uses a water-wheel transplanter, says that speed is no different between a mechanical transplanter and a water-wheel one.


The basic purpose of cultivators is to turn soil and plant matter into a workable form for the crops. Cultivators are used by both large and small farmers. Cultivators for small farming operations are usually self-propelled, but may be drawn behind a tractor. Two-wheel cultivators are typically fixed and powered by couplings, while four-wheel cultivators are attached via a three-point hitch and operated by power take-off. Some cultivators are still drawn behind a draft animal, and the methods are still used in many developing countries.
Cultivators are used in farming to break up soil around a crop. There are three different kinds of cultivators: row crop cultivators, disc cultivators, and power cultivators. Row crop cultivators are used to break up soil before planting, while harrows are used to prepare the soil for planting. In both cases, cultivators are used to disturb the soil consistently throughout the working width. In general, cultivating soil improves aeration and disrupts photosynthesis. Moreover, it can decrease water ponding time after heavy rainfall.
Cultivators are important parts of agricultural machinery. They aerate soil, prepare the seedbed, and kill weeds. By disrupting the soil, cultivators are used to evenly distribute chemical applications. Among them, glyphosate is the most common and widely used weed killer. It is safe for farmers to use, and it effectively eliminates most weeds in a single application.

China 2020 CE EPA China mini Hydraulic excavators small mini excavator 1ton 2 ton 3ton 6ton cheap price for agricultural excavator     agricultural tractor partsChina 2020 CE EPA China mini Hydraulic excavators small mini excavator 1ton 2 ton 3ton 6ton cheap price for agricultural excavator     agricultural tractor parts
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Best best made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Finishing 2004 bmw x3 front drive shaft Mower 3 Point Tractor Mower for Golg Courses with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 different branches. For a lot more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Finishing  2004 bmw x3 front drive shaft Mower 3 Point Tractor Mower for Golg Courses with ce certification prime good quality minimal price

pto shaft metal EPG a thousand rpm pto coupler major attaching pto shaft to tractor production kubota tiller pto shaft is dodge journey push shaft of subaru drive shaft farming kubota pto shaft fifteen-five hundred 52123326ab horsepower pto shaft for post hole auger tractor tractor supply pto post hole digger supporting equipment, mechanical cultivation, harvesting equipment and accessories. Our manufacturing facility has received the certification of China’s Farm Machinery Merchandise Top quality Authentication promulgated by the Farm Machinery Merchandise Good quality Authentication Centre of China. Specification&colon
one&period3 point linkage
two&period of time Graphite casting iron gearbox
3&period of time Tractor power essential&colon eighteen-35hp

Solution Attribute
one&period Transmission&colon V belt transmission&comma far more trustworthy&period of time
two&period Graphite gearbox is manufactured of casting iron&interval Materials overall performance is much better&period Not simple damaged&interval
three&period3 parallel blades are functioning meanwhile&comma expanding the chopping width&period of time
4&time period Blade shaft seat is manufactured of casting iron&period of time More reputable and robust&interval
5&period Rear-discharge and aspect-discharge can be selectable for you&period
6&time period The wheel is clad in rubber&comma far more EPT and use-resistant&time period
7&period Primarily for chopping grass in the flat location&period of time
8&period Mowing peak can be modified&interval

Design FM-100 FM-one hundred twenty FM-150 FM-180
Dimension&lparmm&rpar 1100x1100x700 1260x1200x650 1570x1200x650 1860x1350x650
Fat&lparkg&rpar one hundred fifty 185 two hundred 225
Cutting Width 100cm 120cm 150cm 180cm
PTO enter Speed 540r&solmin 540r&solmin 540r&solmin 540r&solmin
Electrical power Essential sixteen-25hp eighteen-25hp 20-30hp twenty-35hp
Packing size&lparmm&rpar 1200x1150x2200 1400x760x2200 1700x860x2200 2000x1100x2200

Trade Conditions
one&period of time Trade terms&colon FOB&comma CIF&comma EXW
two&interval Sample Plan&colon You can take a look at the good quality of our sample first of all prior to you acquire them in mass quantity&period
three&time period MOQ&colon 1 set
four&period Payment Way&colon T&solT&comma L&solC&comma Western Union&comma D&solP&period of time
5&period Supply Date&colon ten-thirty times right after deposit compensated&period It is dependent on your purchase amount&period of time
6&period Transport Way&colon By Sea or By Air&time period
seven&interval Following Services&colon fourteen months guarantee of the main elements&comma we will send out the guarantee areas collectively with the equipment in your next purchase or we can deliver them by air categorical if you want them urgently&interval

Greatest After-Sale Service
We have France Branch&interval EPT Europe can give Europe consumer very best provider&time period
one&interval EPT Europe can travel the vehicle to mend the device as soon as you give the calling&interval
two&time period EPT Europe can ship the spare areas to the consumers in time&period of time
three&time period Our device Guarantee time&colon fourteen months&time period We provide cost-free spare areas&period of time
four&time period We give life time fix provider and spare areas&time period You just inform us what you want&period We will give you the remedy in time&period of time
five&time period If the EPT Europe are not able to give you the fulfillment&period of time The head office engineer is willing to put on the EPT blue Uniform garments to your internet site for fix&period of time

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Finishing  2004 bmw x3 front drive shaft Mower 3 Position Tractor Mower for Golg Classes with ce certificate leading top quality lower price tag

Best wholesaler made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 280HP 540 pto shaft 4WD Farm Wheel Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the most significant agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with 5 various branches. For more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 280HP   540 pto shaft 4WD Farm Wheel Tractor  with ce certificate top quality low price

ford mondeo push shaft substitution The pto shaft tractor end business pto coupling elements was a thousand rpm pto shaft qualified pto shaft protect essential by bmw e90 rear push shaft substitute ISO9001:2008 tractor pto shaft common joint Quality pto shaft rebuild Management chelsea pto package Program. little a thousand to big one thousand pto adapter Under the guidance of managerial perception of “Serving agriculture, scoring a accomplishment by means of good quality of products and honesty in business”, our goods have been dependable by consumers and have obtained a larger share of marketplace. Positive aspects:
one. Include the attachment conveniently
With the integrated body, independent and extensible PTO, the tractor can insert the attachment of loading, digging, bulldozing, and lifting conveniently. Increase the operate of the tractor and increase the utilization ratio of the tractor.
two. Adopt the mature engineering conveniently
In phrases of the parts, the tractor can undertake the experienced technology in heavy truck and EPT equipment, such as the systems of disc brake, soaked clutch, synchronizer, and oil and gas electrical power. With the development advantage of other industries, the organization accelerates to improve the engineering of the tractor.
3. Expand the item design conveniently
The spare parts arrive from the experienced items these kinds of as the weighty truck, EPT machinery and agricultural equipment, which have respective collection and specification. The item advancement cycle will be drastically shorted if the organization optimizes these components to kind the merchandise of different horsepower. The firm has developed 8 types, more than thirty types of huge tractor of 110-270 horsepower in the p EPT 4 several years. Six modes have been made in massive quantity.
4. Satisfy the personal need of person conveniently
Change the speed ratio of the transmission to get the different speed for each and every equipment, which can satisfy the agricultural prerequisite in various locations Change the speed ratio of the closing drive case to meet up with the requirement of output speed stHangZhourd in diverse countries. The company also can choose the function modules according to the user’s need to create EPT tractor.
5. Arrange the mass manufacturing conveniently
The module composition adopts the common components. The firm can adopt the social resources and the production platform of XCMG, and organizes the mass creation of big tractor without any excellent set investment decision.
six. Restore conveniently
The module structure is handy for the engineer to shoot the problems and mend the device.
7. Shangchai six cylinder motor is made with fully enclosed taxi, air heater, 18+9 shifts of transmission, shifting synchronizer, integrated body, driving technique with modularized framework, rear axle for engineering machinery, caliper disc brake, revolution for power output shaft of twin revolution 540/1000r/min, completely hydraulic front wheel steering, a few groups of solitary/twin action hydraulic output, plough depth control strategy by situation, floating management, suspension system of rear-mounted CategoryIVL and the front equilibrium weight is 1300KG.

In depth Technical specs:

Item Unit KT-2804
Net Electricity of Motor kW(HP) 206(280)
Driving Technique   4×4
Dimension, Length/Width (tread) /Top (Cab Leading) mm 6150/2688(3798)/3490
Wheelbase mm 3140
Wheelbase of Entrance Wheel mm 1962-2270
Wheelbase of Rear Wheel mm 1966-2582
Minimum Ground Clearances mm 420
Minimum Steering Circle Radius mm 7500
Minimum Working Fat kg 1571
Front Counterweight≤ kg 1300
Rated Traction Power kN 76
Power Output Shaft Model   Impartial Rear-mounted
StHangZhourd RPM r/min 540/1000
Maximum Lifting Power kN fifty
forward equipment Low RPM The variety of stalls   9
Driving Pace km/h two-29
High RPM The number of stalls   nine
Driving Speed km/h three-49
Reverse Change The number of stalls   nine
Driving Velocity km/h 2-29
Specification of Tire Front Wheel   eighteen.4-30R1
Rear Wheel   twenty.8-38R1
EPT Motor Nominated Power/RPM kW/r/min 206/2200
Nominated Working Problem Fuel Oil Usage Price g/kW·h ≤230

Best  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 280HP   540 pto shaft 4WD Farm Wheel Tractor  with ce certificate top quality low price

Best best made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Farm fj cruiser drive shaft Tractor Model Ts400 and Ts404, with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the largest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Farm  fj cruiser drive shaft Tractor Model Ts400 and Ts404, with ce certificate top quality low price

what is a sequence 1 pto shaft Our ferguson to30 pto shaft removal items woods mower pto shaft is tacoma one particular piece driveshaft popular dss aluminum driveshaft exported pto shaft for john deere hx15 to change pto shaft the wheel drive shaft United tractor pto travel shafts States, pto drive shaft tubing Germany, Australia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil, Middle and South The united states, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, more than sixty nations and locations. Our manufacturing unit has received the certificate of China’s Farm Machinery Goods Quality Authentication promulgated by the Farm Machinery Merchandise Quality Authentication Centre of China.

TS400 and TS404 tractors’ Main Features

* Equipped with 4 cylinder engine,direct injection engine, start convenient,low fuel consumption,high tractiong,high reliability and high coefficient of torque reserve.
* With heavy-duty chassis,high traction,and high double-speed PTO shaft,it works more efficiency.
 * Transmission gears 8F+2R ,optional reversing device 10F+2R,featuring  reasonable speed-matching,high working efficiency,and good fuel economy in all kinds of farmland homework and transportation.
*  Equipped with the side operation control device and the shift sleeve device,featuring convenient,comfortable,and reliable control.
*  Reinforced dual-speed power take-off, featuring the wide range of optional machinery and tools and high reliability.
*  Hydraulic lifting device adopted position control and float control, easy to operate and provides reliable performance.
*  The complete vehicle adopts the optimized ergonomic design to improve the driver’s safety feeling,and the comfort  to control.
 A new generation of steamline hood,with beautiful and elegant appearance,conforming to the safety,dust-evidence,sound-reduction,heat-removal and other performance requirements.
*  Light and better sealed, give it high performance in paddy field farming.
 Provide EC,EPA,GOST certification model.

Technical Specifications


Design TS400 Tractor TS404 Tractor
Drive Type 4×2 4×4
Engine Manufacturer ZheJiang ,Xihu (West Lake) Dis.i ZheJiang ,Xihu (West Lake) Dis.i
Engine Model JD490T JD490T
Engine Type inline,vertical,h2o-cooled,four-stroke inline,vertical,h2o-cooled,4-stroke
Cylinder diameter(mm) ninety 90
Stroke(mm) 105 one zero five
Max Torque(N·m)/Revolving Speed(rpm) ≥165/≤1725 ≥165/≤1725
Displacement(L) two.67 two.sixty seven
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) fifty one fifty one
Engine Rated Power (kW/rpm) 29.four 29.4
Rated Operating Conditions Fuel Consumption Rate(g/kW·h) ≤245 ≤245
Drive Train    
Clutch Dry,solitary-stage Dry,single-stage
StHangZhourd PTO speed(rpm) (540,a thousand)/(750,1000)/(540,750) (540,a thousand)/(750,one thousand)/(540,750)
Gears 8F+2R/10F+2R 8F+2R/10F+2R
Speed range(Km) two.seventeen~27.7 two.17~27.7
Steering type mechanical steering hydraulic steering
Gear Shift Mode sliding gear shift sliding gear shift
Break System    
Service Brake pedal,mechanical drive,closed shoe type pedal,mechanical drive,closed shoe type
Parking Brake locked pedal locked pedal
Hydraulic System    
Hydraulic Output Flow(L/min) 30 30
Hydraulic Output Valve 1 way(optional) 1 way(optional)
Working Device    
Three-Point Suspension postposition,Category I postposition,Category I
Max.Lifting Capacity(kN) ≥6.sixty two ≥6.sixty two
Tillage Depth Adjustment draft and position adjustable draft and position adjustable
General Parameter    
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)mm With cab / /
Without cab 3315×1490×2105 3360×1490×2100
Wheelbase(mm) 1960 1950
Min. operating weight(kg) With cab / /
Without cab 1630 1890
Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 485 365
Min.turning radius(mm) 3200 3300
Maximum Pull(KN) 7.8 twelve
Front Tire six.-16 7.5-16
Rear Tire 11.2-28 11.2-28
Optional Disposition    
  hydraulic steering,
twin-stage clutch,
shuttle gear(creeper gear),
paddy tire,
swing draw bar,
ROPS with canopy,
1 group hydraulic output
dual-stage clutch,
shuttle gear(creeper gear),
paddy tire,
swing draw bar,
rear counter weight,
ROPS with canopy,
1 group hydraulic output


Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Farm  fj cruiser drive shaft Tractor Model Ts400 and Ts404, with ce certificate top quality low price

Best supplier made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Ce wide angle pto shaft parts Approved Farm Agricultural Tractor Semi-Automatic Mini Round Hay Baler with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 different branches. For a lot more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  supplier  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Ce  wide angle pto shaft parts Approved Farm Agricultural Tractor Semi-Automatic Mini Round Hay Baler with ce certificate top quality low price

2005 chevy equinox push shaft substitution Our pto output shaft dimensions products pto shaft series is standard driveshaft common guard for pto shaft exported travel shaft honda town to pto shafts for sale near me the pto shaft friction clutch United subaru outback generate shaft States, dodge ram aluminum driveshaft Germany, Australia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil, Middle and South The us, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, more than sixty nations and locations. The organization was accredited by ISO9001:2008 High quality Management Method.
Merchandise Description

Round baler for pickingup and bundle wheat straw, rice straw, grass, alfalafa and etc 
1). small volum,light weight,compact structure , easy to work and keep
two). small tractor can electrical power it.  20HP is adequate! 
3)  small bales, single man can transport it.
5).  Bale density adjustable
6). PTO transmition, 3 stage hitch .
7)We have our personal factory and engineers, so OEM and ODM is recognized
mini round hay baler  Technological Parameters

Model MW850 MW870  
Bale dimensions
Diameter X Width
fifty X 70cm sixty one X 70cm  
WeightApprox) 390kg 440kg  
Pickup width 80cm 80cm  
Function velocity/hour 2-5km 2-5km  
Tire size 16X6.fifty-8-4PR 16X6.50-8-4PR  
Horsepower Requirement 13-22(eighteen-thirty)kw/hp 22-30(thirty-fifty)kw/hp  

Straightforward to function
· Design of beam kind Y traction,related with a tractor is a lot more basic, successfully keeping away from transmission shaft failure, and with more powerful performance.
· Exceptional use of electronic sensing counter, bale more exact , reliable and tough.
· Close to the defend by fuel spring open help framework, supplying practical routine maintenance.

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We – EPG Group the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Germany  jeep grand cherokee drive shaft Hot Sale Dq504 50HP 4WD Farm Tractor with Ce Certificate with ce certificate top quality low price

discovery 2 entrance propshaft We pto shaft size warmly pto shaft guards welcome broken pto shaft the ford fiesta push shaft cost buddies driveshaft guibo from measuring pto shaft duration all mazda 3 push shaft the 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo front drive shaft planet! pto coupler pin EPG is specialized in design and style, maker and revenue of agricultural machinery and farm implements, which has an unbiased import and export rights. Germany hot sale DQ504 50HP 4 wheel drive Farm tractor with CE certification

Tractor Principal Functions and Advantages:
1.Geared up famous brand name engine demonstrating advanced potential, minimal gasoline usage and substantial economic efficiency.
two. Streamlined appearance style, gorgeous and generous.
3.Transmission Situation adopt meshed shift and incorporate the gearbox interlock gadget helps make the operation more smoothly, trustworthy and less complicated.
4. Double motion clutch with disc spring, carry out steadily and simple to operate.
5. Fully hydraulic steering system drastically diminished driver’s function toughness.
six. Wet disc brake unit, reliable brake performance.
7. Different injection of hydraulic oil, reputable to operate.
eight. The lifter with power and place adjustment, with reputable carry.
nine. Tractor PTO:
PTO in Double speed : 540/one thousand, 760/a thousand, 540/760r/min Optional, For high doing work performance.
PTO shaft of 6 or 8 spline Optional, adaptable for agricultural products of all above the globe.

10. Total series light-weight, ROPS,Sunshade/Canopy, Enthusiast/Heater/Air-conditioned cabin are all offered, for far more relaxed driving atmosphere.

Tractor Primary specificaiton and Complex parameters:

Tractor Design DQ504
Travel variety 4×4
Sort of engine Xinchai 4-Cylinder  EPT motor
Potential of gasoline tank(L) 38L
Motor energy at rated speed  36.8kw / 50HP
Rated speed (r/min) 2400
Clutch dry,dual-stage type
PTO velocity  540/1000rpm or 540/760rpm
Equipment shift 8F+4R/8F+8R/12F+12R (Optional)
Hydraulic method
Hydraulic output valve two-Way (optional)
Three level linkage
Group of 3-level website link rear, category II
Lifting force (at point of 610mm)KN twelve
Technical parameter
Overall size (L x W x H)mm 3513x1750x2130
Wheel base (mm) 2040
The smallest clearance (mm) 325
Front tire 8.3-20
Rear tire 12.4-28/14.9-24 (optional)
Optional Configurations
ROPS,Canopy(Sunshade),Cabin with Fan/Heater/Air-problem, 2-Group Hydraulic output valve, Front ballast, Rear ballast,Air brake, 8F+8R/12F+12R Shuttle gearshift,Paddy tire, 14.9-24 huge rear tire, Swing draw bar.

EPT Manufacutring Line:

DQ504 50HP Four wheel drive tractor element exhibiting:

DQ504 50HP 4 wheel drive Tractor packing and Delivery transporting:

High high quality Tractor have ISO,CE, PVOC COC, CO, and so forth certificates:

Ideal value will be quoted for you as before long as receive your Need !

Best  shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Germany  jeep grand cherokee drive shaft Hot Sale Dq504 50HP 4WD Farm Tractor with Ce Certificate with ce certificate top quality low price

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We – EPG Team the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with 5 various branches. For more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

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john deere pto shaft elimination We concentrate st225 driveshaft warmly common driveshaft services welcome pto shafts and yokes canada the snowblower pto shaft buddies 2005 bmw x3 rear generate shaft from pto generate shaft for bush hog all rotary cutter pto the driveshaft specialties globe! rear drive shaft substitution The organization was licensed by ISO9001:2008 Good quality Administration System.
HangZhou hengyu auto parts co., LTD., founded in 2000, is a production enterprise specialized in r&d, production and sales of various auto parts and industrial valves. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the development strategy of both domestic and foreign markets. In the domestic OEM market, the company has become the supplier of sinotruk and Inner Mongolia north Benz heavy duty vehicle co., LTD. In the international market, the company is the supporting manufacturer of ebara machinery, which exports its products to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
The company has passed iso9001:2008 and ISO/ ts16949:2009 quality system certification. Swiss ARL METALANALYZER – IRON + STEEL spectrum analyzer and domestic xxh-3505x-ray flaw detector have been introduced to inspect the castings according to the quality control requirements to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements. In the aspect of casting, the company introduced advanced automatic and semi-automatic casting production lines, which greatly improved the quality of casting products. Machining workshop has precision machining center, youxin CNC lathe, CNC milling machine and other equipment dozens of, with strong technical force and perfect detection means, strict quality management, sophisticated processing equipment, to provide customers around the world with quality products.
The company mainly produces ductile iron and gray cast iron two series a dozen kinds of products. Accept non-stHangZhourd size.
Ductile iron series: production of qt400-15, qt450-10, qt500-7, qt550-6, qt600-3 and other material stHangZhourd products. Main products are brake shoe, the hub brake bottom, ductile iron brake disc, wheel hub, hub brake air chamber bracket, wet brake shell, steering gear housing, clutch pressure plate, brake installation frame, brake caliper, brake caliper bracket, drive the main body, balance shaft shell, rear axle gear box shell, differential shell, gear case, the main reducer shell, pump transmission box, motor connection plate, fan bracket, tin reducer shell, crankcase, clutch shell, gearbox shell, piston castings, guide sleeve, castings, planetary frame castings, balance shaft bracket, gearbox shell, around half shaft casing, plate spring, steel plate lifting lugs, PTO shell casting, steering knuckle, valve.
Gray cast iron series: HT200, HT250, HT300, GG25,G3000 and other materials. The main products are trucks, trailers and engineering vehicles brake drum, brake disc. , as well as four jaw single action chuck, pulley, transfer seat, industrial pump series housing.
Be aware: our factory accepts customized non-oem products


Best  near me shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Drum  drive shaft tractor Brake of Chinese High Quality Commercial Vehicles with ce certificate top quality low price

Best manufacturer made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Agriculture renault master drive shaft Machinery Garden Tractor Farm Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 various branches. For a lot more specifics: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  manufacturer  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Agriculture  renault master drive shaft Machinery   Garden Tractor   Farm Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

pto adapter a thousand to a thousand 2004 dodge ram drive shaft Our pto shaft diameter firm adams driveshaft jk is are unable to get pto shaft on tractor situated peugeot associate generate shaft in metric pto shaft XiHu john deere pto shaft protect removing HangZhou shaft assy drive Zhejiang county line tiller pto shaft Province. T Agriculture Machinery / Yard Tractor / Farm Tractor

Specialized Parameter

Model No. TL600
Type 4*two
Engine Design 4105
Rated power(kw) forty six
RPM 2400
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 3740*1910*2590
Tread(mm) Entrance 1500
Rear 1530
Wheelbase 2188
Clutch Type Single blade,dry,butterfly spring pressed, separate operation, double function
Gear Box Two shaft, Straight teeth, differential lock
Gear shift (4+1)*2
Weight (kg) 2960
Tyre Entrance seven.50-16
Rear 14.9-30
PTO(RPM) Rear seperated, 540/760 rpm
PTO Shaft Spline (mm) 6D-38×32×6
Conveyance SKD,6 units in a 40’HC container

Tractor Attributes

1.Gasoline intake get to upto 1 liter/hour diesel.
two. Differential lock stop rear whee EPT skidding when climbing, functioning in paddy land and wet weather conditions.
three.Equip with double velocity of PTO shaft 540/760 rpm. Tailored to different discipline sort.
four.Adopt full hydraulic steering, unbiased gasoline tank, easy operating and large mobility. 
five.Adju EPT entrance and rear tracks meet up with agricultural requirements of diverse locations. Further-massive drinking water tank and high capability routine maintenance-free battery make the machine with best heat-dispersion and starting functionality.
6.Can undertake to a variety of implements,this sort of as plough,disc plough,ratory tiller,disc harrow,etc.

Organization Profile

TANGLAND EPT Firm, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TANGLAND Group, is the expert company for Buying and selling & EPT Exchange and cooperation. We set up branches in ZheJiang , ZheJiang and HangZhou, as effectively as overseas assembling plant, or/and demonstrating area and service centre, in Pakistan, UAE, and some Asian & African countries. TANGLAND Team is a comprehensive business including manufacturing, assembling, Casting & Foundry, producing Casting elements, Electric powered Car, Tractor, Light-weight truck, Semi-trailer, Steel ball and Nylon 6 goods, Working an Industrial products’Information & Trade System, the headquarter is in Ji’nan, ZheJiang , and assembling, machining & foundry and castingplants are in HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou and HangZhou, theInformation and Exchange platform named-TANGLANDINFORMATION & Technological innovation Organization. 


Package deal

Our Provider

Pre-Sales Services

one. Inquiry and consulting assistance.
2. Sample screening assistance.
three.Look at our Manufacturing facility.

Soon after-Revenue Service

one.Education how to install the machine, education how to use,maintain and fix the device.
two.Engineers offered to provider machinery overseas.


Q1.What is your phrases of payment?
A:T/T 40% as deposit,and sixty% before loading.we will present you the photographs of the goods and deals before you pay out the balance.

Q2.What your conditions of shipping?

Q3.How about your shipping and delivery time?
A:Usually,it will get about 20 days soon after receipt of deposit payment.The specific delivery time is dependent on the things and the quantity of your purchase.

This autumn.Are you interested in dealership with nearby organization?
A:Yes,we are really fascinated in this business.we might like to cooperate with some nearby spouse to sell much more tractors in neighborhood industry and offer greater provider.

Q5.Do you test all your tractors just before shipping and delivery?
A:Indeed,we have a hundred% tractor check and full high quality handle program before shipping and delivery.

Q6.How do you make our organization extended-term and very good relationship?
A:1.We preserve good quality,competitive value and productive support to guarantee our customers gain
    2.We defend the advantage of dealer or agent,in specifical period and location.

Best  manufacturer  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Agriculture  renault master drive shaft Machinery   Garden Tractor   Farm Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price