China Customized High Precision Iron Casting Parts Foundry in Agricultural Industry agricultural trailer brake parts

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Maple machinery is a one-stop metal manufacturer with casting, forging and machining as its main enterprise. In addition to our very own expense casting plant and device workshop, we usually cooperate with other neighborhood factories in HangZhou to offer skilled steel areas production companies all more than the world.

The foundry and device store of Maple Machinery have ISO9001 certification, and all cooperative factories are required to have ISO certification

 • A lot more than 15 years export encounter, provide large high quality components
 • Innovative manufacturing inspection tools
 • Quick response when working with issues
 • Skilled group of engineers in casting, forging and machining
 • Competitive cost
 • Shut to HangZhou port, on-time shipping time
 • Local provider companion community in HangZhou
 • 1 to 1 buy administration

Manufacturing facility Display

Sector Support OF MAPLE
Maple equipment can engage in a skilled worth in any sector that demands steel areas. We offer large quality components for much more than 30 industries and the primary markets.

Maple supplies Substantial-Good quality casting parts and forging parts for mining industry, these parts are utilised for drilling, blasting, digging, transporting, crushing and refining. All of factors can face up to harsh and abusive operate environments.
These factors can be roller levers, pallets, hammers, chain back links, adapters, sleeves and many others.

Design Machinery
Put on resistant castings and higher power forgings are really frequent in building machinery. They support machines to construct services, transportation supplies, landfill, and keep roadways.
Maple supplies reliable prolonged lifestyle elements for buyers to end tasks and value down.
 • Keep track of Links                                      • Clamping
 • Lifting Eyes                                      • Rapid Joint
 • Bearing Covers                                • Sprockets
 • Tooth Blocks                                    • Aspect Plates
 • Monitor shoes                                     • Beam connectors
 • Mounting Brackets                           • Trencher Tooth
 • Bucket Teeth                                    • Coupling

OIL & Fuel Market
Maple’s castings are broadly employed in the exploration, pumping, transportation filtering and refining of both oil and gas. We have rich knowledge in producing the parts with maximum diploma of high quality, toughness and corrosion resistance. The elements are manufactured from difficult, high specification materials, often involving high levels of solution verification and tests.
We can forged parts with sophisticated interior structure, special material and higher performance.
 • Valve Components                          • Crank Arm
 • Impellers                                          • Compressor Components
 • Pump Bodies                                   • Instrument equipment
 • Flanges                                            • Blowout Protector
 • Drilling Components                        • Fittings/Couplings
 • Burner Parts                                    • Rod Locks
 • Bottom Plate                                    • Jack Elements

Agriculture is the oldest business in the planet. Maple makes use of expense casting to manufacture elements and elements with long daily life cycles and higher toughness for difficult agricultural applications.

Rail & transit market has large requires of large good quality secure forged parts. Maple presented metal areas for rail rolling stock, routine maintenance equipment, railway infrastructure, vehicles and wagons.

Food PROCESSING Business

Health-related Equipment

HYDRAULIC CYLINDER                                         FORESTRY & LOGGING

OUR Solutions

Given that 2004, Maple machinery has been strengthening its professional capability and increasing its enterprise scope. Now we supply a selection of steel components producing companies, inspection services and complex consulting providers.

• Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel
• Stainless Metal and Duplex Metal
• Substantial Manganese Steel
• Gray Forged Iron
• Ductile Cast Iron
• Large Chromium Forged Iron
• Aluminum
• Bronze

Shipping and delivery Assignments
• Investment decision Casting(Missing Wax)
• Sand Casting
• Lost Foam Casting
• Close Die Forging
• Open Die Forging
• Rolled Ring Forging
• Precision Machining
• Slicing & Welding

• Hardness Testing
• Impact Screening
• Tensile Screening
• Spectral Evaluation
• Metallographic Evaluation
• Radiographic Testing (RT)
• Magnetic Particle Tests (MT)
• Penetrant Testing (PT)
• Ultrasonic Tests (UT)

MAPLE’S Around the world Offer NETWOKR

Maple has consumers in a lot more than 30 countries, serving hundreds of companies and developing countless numbers of areas. We welcome any credit rating company, no matter exactly where you come from and what business you are in.

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/ kg
1 kg

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Type: Clay Dry Sand
Casting Method: Directional Crystallization
Sand Core Type: Sodium Silicate Sand Core
Application: Agricultural Machinery Parts
Machining: CNC Machining
Material: Iron


US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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US $1
/ kg
1 kg

(Min. Order)


Type: Clay Dry Sand
Casting Method: Directional Crystallization
Sand Core Type: Sodium Silicate Sand Core
Application: Agricultural Machinery Parts
Machining: CNC Machining
Material: Iron


US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Proper Maintenance of Tractor Parts

Proper maintenance of tractor parts is a necessity if you want to keep them running smoothly. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Proper maintenance of tractor parts

To ensure that your tractor is operating at peak efficiency, you should perform preventative maintenance on its various parts. Before opening the cab of your tractor, perform a visual inspection to check for any problems. Look for leaking fluids, hoses, and cables. Tighten loose connections, and clean any debris from these components. Also check the sediment bowl under the fuel filter for any material or water. If the sediment bowl has a large amount of material, it may be time to replace the fuel filter or the air filter.

Despite the monetary cost of maintaining your tractor, a few simple things can keep your investment in top condition. For instance, lubrication can prevent corrosion and friction, while cleaning air filters can extend their useful life. The paint on your tractor should also be inspected regularly. Regular lubrication will help you avoid expensive repairs, and will also increase efficiency. Proper maintenance of tractor parts can also help you prevent heavy rust.

Checking your tractor’s internal parts regularly can prevent big problems from crop failures. Lubricating internal parts helps reduce friction, and you should also replace blown or broken bulbs and exhaust fluid. Regular maintenance at tractor dealers will help prevent potential problems. A dealer will also perform tune-ups and oil changes for you, reducing the chances of unexpected issues. For those who don’t have the time to perform the maintenance themselves, consider visiting a tractor dealership.

In addition to inspecting engine components, you should also regularly check your tractor’s hydraulic system. Make sure that the fluids are in good condition, as rust, internal damage, and engine clogs can be caused by dirty or leaking hydraulic hoses. As with any mechanical system, the engine is the heart of a tractor, so it’s vital to maintain the oil tank as often as possible. For these checks, you can use a reference to your tractor model before purchasing new parts.

To extend the life of tractor parts, owners should regularly change the oil in the engine. This is necessary to prevent wear and tear on the tractor parts. Proper oil changes also increase the resale value of the equipment and extend its performance. You can use a grease gun to freshen up the grease nipples, which prevents the rusting of moving parts. By following these tips, you can make sure that your tractor runs smoothly.


Preventative maintenance

Performing preventative maintenance on your tractor is an important way to maintain your machine and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns. It is an essential part of tractor ownership because regular maintenance reduces the risk of costly repairs. Before you begin a tractor maintenance program, read the manual to determine what common maintenance items are needed for the specific model. This will help you keep the parts in good shape and save you money in the long run.

Proper checkups on engine fluids, radiator fluid and transmission fluid are essential for maintaining the efficiency of your equipment. It’s important to refill these tanks with clean fluids to avoid rust, internal damage, and engine clogs. The following preventative maintenance tasks are recommended by tractor manufacturers:

Check tire pressure and inflation, as well as inspect the rims and lug nuts. Then, check the axles and drive shafts to ensure they are in good condition. Replace any damaged or missing lug nuts. And lastly, check all lights. Make sure all bulbs are functioning and replaced if necessary. To prevent unnecessary breakdowns, follow these tips to maximize the performance of your tractor. You will be glad you did.

If you have a spare part, be sure to have it on hand. Having a spare part handy will make it easier to do preventative maintenance on your tractor and save you the hassle of calling a repair shop or waiting for the parts to arrive. If you’re looking to get the best value for your money, proactive tractor maintenance is essential. In addition to routine inspections, remember to keep the tractor running at its peak performance level. You may want to have a checkup performed every six months or so.

Operator training is another essential preventive maintenance step. Operators must know how to perform routine maintenance tasks without fail. Operator training can be as simple as a review of the operator’s manual and demonstrating how systems and controls work. Training can also involve training operators on how to use checklists to make sure that all minor maintenance steps are performed correctly. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Also, by performing regular preventative maintenance, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns.


Types of filters

A tractor’s air filter, for instance, should be changed on a regular basis to keep the engine performing at peak performance. The reason is that working tractors are constantly exposed to debris and other substances in the driving environment. Even show tractors should periodically check their air filters to ensure they are functioning properly. A single chunk of dust can cause problems inside the sensitive machinery. That is why it’s important to replace filters at the appropriate intervals.

There are several different types of filters on a tractor. The type of filter needed depends on the original reference and the manufacturer. Listed below are some of the most common types of filters used by tractors. CZPT’ website lets you choose the model of your tractor and then offers the corresponding filter made by the original manufacturer. Alternatively, you can choose an adaptable filter of equivalent quality. These filters are designed to fit various types of tractors, ranging from lawnmowers to combines.

Oil, air, and hydraulic filters are essential for tractor parts. Those with oil filters protect hydraulic components from harmful impurities. Fuel filters protect the injector pump from damage caused by debris. If your tractor doesn’t have filters, you’ll experience a variety of problems. You’ll notice odd noises or reduced HP. Or you might smell fuel when the engine starts. If these symptoms sound familiar, it’s a problem with your filters.

Tractor oil filter replaces itself every few months or so. Tractor oil coagulates over time into black globs. If not replaced, the globs clog up engine parts. Tractor oil filter acts like the kidneys and liver of the tractor, filtering brackish globs out of your engine. Like the human body, a tractor’s filters have similar functions to the human body’s. When they stop working properly, your tractor’s engine will no longer function optimally.

China Customized High Precision Iron Casting Parts Foundry in Agricultural Industry     agricultural trailer brake partsChina Customized High Precision Iron Casting Parts Foundry in Agricultural Industry     agricultural trailer brake parts
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